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Dealing With Homesickness

Homesickness is a problem that can affect everyone while at university, whether you’re a home student or international. Even if you’re really enjoying your time at uni (which we really hope you are!) it’s possible to be yearning for home at the same time, and that’s okay! So whether you’re a two-hour drive or an… Read more »

Here are Some Must-visit Sheffield Venues

Sheffield plays host to some of the best gigs, festivals and events across the country! Fancy an amazing night at some of the city’s hottest venues? Here are our top picks to do just that… Tramlines Festival Tramlines festival is the annual music festival held in Sheffield. The venues are dispersed across the city, from… Read more »

The Best Technology Still to Come in 2016!

We’re very into our technology here at Make Space, and we take great pride in kitting out our flats with awesome gadgets for you to enjoy – from the remote control of your heating, security and LED colour lighting via your tablet and phone, to providing the latest games consoles for you to enjoy in… Read more »

10 of the Coolest Cinemas in the UK

There are some great places to watch things in Sheffield. Let us guide you through some of our favorite cinemas to sit down and take it all in. 1) Showroom Cinema, Sheffield Sheffield’s Showroom cinema has a lot more going for it than just being the rooftop location of a classic Artic Monkeys music video… Read more »

New to Netflix UK this September

Netflix, every student’s best friend and biggest distraction, just dropped no fewer than 48 new films and TV serials on the 1st of September… just in time to procrastinate from this year’s uni reading list! With all of these fresh titles to choose from, and more arriving throughout the month, we thought we’d break down… Read more »